Life in Tokyo

My life in Tokyo just has started...for a week this time. Now I'm staying in a room in Itabashi ward which I booked on airbnb, it's a fairly small flat with a bathroom and kitchen, but good enough to practice music myself, writing book, and even can have a private lesson.

I've always wanted to live in Tokyo once, to join Irish music sessions and see concerts every nights, because all interesting musicians live in Tokyo. This time's stay was just planned when I gave up my bike trip to Hokkaido and I have another week for doing nothing.But thanks to my friends and students  in Tokyo, I got lots of bookings for my class and some gigs every day.

I'm starting to grow an idea that I might be able to have enough earnings to support my life in Tokyo if I come and stay couples of weeks every month. Just a little confidence...I have a feeling that my life is going to make a change.

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